Industry Solutions

Eurotech offers market specific products that have been designed to match and exceed expectations. Eurotech offers a wide range of qualified platforms that can be easily and quickly integrated into sophisticated and cost effective solutions.

Eurotech product portfolio includes selected Ready to Use devices, such as Mobile Routers, that are designed for Vertical Markets (e.g. Defense, Transportation, etc). These devices deliver the immediate benefit of a qualified unit that is tailored for a specific function, and can be easily and quickly integrated into new and existing projects.

Eurotech also offers Application Ready devices for vertical Markets: these products have been certified to operate in harsh, mobile and critical environments, in accordance to International Standards and customerís expectations. These products permit significant cost reductions and faster time to market by providing an hardware foundation that can be easily used without the hassle of going through a number of qualification steps.

Similarly, Eurotech boards for vertical markets have been designed to simplify the certification process, with an engineering approach that reduces or even almost eliminates electromagnetic emissions, reduces power consumption and heat rejection to a minimum. These properties simplify greatly the integration of our components into more complex devices and dramatically accelerates the certification process by eliminating many time consuming pitfalls.

Eurotech Industry Catalogs
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