In order to compete effectively, manufacturing companies need to get new products, reducing development cost and time to market.
This is why Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and simulation are increasingly used to achieve better products faster and at a reduced cost.

However, design and simulations are computation hungry processes that in many instances still require weeks to complete, pushing companies to look into HPC to solve this problem. Computing speed, high performance and efficiency, fast access to data, reduced time to solution are on the day agenda of CIOs and IT managers of automotive, aerospace and consumer goods companies.

The combination of Eurotech HPC systems and competence with an ecosystem of partners with vertical experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Structural Mechanics and Computational Electromagnetics allows manufacturing organisations to obtain faster results and leverage HPC innovation.

The Eurotech HPC systems from the Aurora product line are modular, dense, energy efficient HPCs, with the flexibility in configuration required to successfully run both capability and capacity problems and scale according to customer needs.

Ideally built to be deployed from office floor to datacenters, the Eurotech HPCs leverage liquid cooling and electronics design to break all energy efficiency records. Eurotech has liquid cooled HPC solutions that require none or minimal infrastructure, bringing to customers all of the tremendous advantages of this technology with little impact.

So, whether you need to run simulations over thousands of cores or you look for parallelized hundreds of simulations to improve the design of many products at the same time, Eurotech can help you with solutions studied to maximize performance and results while keeping operating costs under control.

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