Embedded HPC

The same Aurora computing technology used for datacenters and installations in controlled environments can now be deployed in mobile and harsh environments.

Through an accurate system redesign and test, the performance levels guaranteed by Aurora processing nodes can be utilized in diverse environments.

The adoption of Xeon5600 processors, of an FPGA-based reconfigurable computing section, a choice of high and low speed networks and interconnects make it a versatile and powerful computer to be used in mobile and remote equipment. The processing units are contained in a rugged enclosure with sealed connectors, capable to withstand MIL-STD-810F stress levels.

Unmanned, remote installations, ground, sea, vehicle installations are all possible. The availability of the Aurora platform in various conditions permits to reach computational levels for innovative applications in signal processing and sensor data compression, all performed on site or off a main computing infrastructure which AURORA machines can be easily and efficiently connected via a choice of high or low speed networks.

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