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Aurora: Greener, Efficient, Scalable, Versatile

Aurora is the name of the family of HPC systems that Eurotech designs and manufactures for data centers.

The Aurora HPC systems are powerful, efficient supercomputers, set to tackle the most demanding challenges that pave the road to exascale. Around the Aurora systems, Eurotech can tailor HPC solutions to meet a variety of data center performance, application and energy needs in different industries.
The Eurotech HPC systems for data center boasts advanced liquid cooled, high density, low latency, versatile systems, which can support out of the box a variety of open source and commercial applications.

  • High performance density. Liquid cooling allows reaching very high densities: the Xeon E5 based AuroraHPC 10-10 version can pack 2 Petaflops in 30 m2, the size of a studio flat.
  • Cost effectiveness. Configurable solutions that adapt to budget. Up to 50% energy savings. Appealing TCO. A reliable, robust, high quality class of systems.
  • Energy efficiency. Hot liquid cooling means no air conditioning needed. Very efficient power conversion. Noiseless operations.
  • Availability. Improved MTBF and ease of maintenance. Hot swappable nodes, high quality components, no vibrations, no moving parts, limited on board and datacenter hot spots.
  • Scalability. Scales linearly with 3D Torus and limits OS jitter thanks to an independent synchronization network
  • Compatibility and versatility, x86 architecture and Intel® Cluster Ready certified. An Infiniband network coexists with an optional FPGA driven 3D Torus.

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