Total cost of ownership

Evaluating the total cost of a HPC solution over its lifespan is a good approach to compare different options and to proceed toward the most sensible purchase. With raising cost of energy and with HPC systems becoming power hungrier by the month, factoring energy expenditure in the buying decision seems advisable. However, energy is one of the factors to be considered in a TCO calculation, which depends on the particular customer situation. Important variables that influence the total cost are location, size of the installation, type of cooling chosen, square footage, level of redundancy needed, complexity of the data centre and type of interconnect network.

Aurora systems are very cost effective: they have been designed to be energy efficient, dense and reliable supercomputers, providing a compelling TCO and the possibility to leverage the advantages of green economics.

For additional information, please feel free to download “The economics of green supercomputing, a TCO approach” white paper here.

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