HPC Principles

At Eurotech HPC division we are committed to deliver advanced technology that fulfills customers’ needs, no matter how diverse they are.

Our customers have a multiplicity of computational requirement in a variety of areas: from particle physics, to computational chemistry, reservoir simulations and exotic derivatives pricing.

We want to meet these requirements on a single basis, delivering the best solutions for our customer issues.

To better respect our commitment, we follow a series of principles that serve as guidelines whilst designing our HPC products and delivering our HPC solutions:

  • Technology leadership. We engineer our HPC systems to be ahead of the innovation curve to give our customer the possibility to run their simulations and applications as quick as the world latest technologies allow.
  • Energy efficiency and Green IT. We build products to allow our customer to save on energy bills, leverage the goodwill resulting from sustainability and contribute to create sustainable business models.
  • Scalability. We want our solutions to scale linearly and our customer to grow according to their needs and budget availability.
  • Availability. We nurture quality, intelligent design, reliability, support readiness and preventive maintenance to increase the availability of our HPC systems during their lifetime.
  • Cost effectiveness. We concentrate a lot of our efforts to deliver advanced technology at competitive prices and to allow our customers reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Versatility. We design our products to tackle different problems in the most effective way possible and to be compatible with most of open source and commercial applications.
These principles guided us in conceiving the Aurora product line of high performance computers. Hot liquid cooled, noiseless, dense and powerful, Aurora is our answer to the modern exascale challenges and the proud concretization of our HPC philosophy.

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