Aurora Cube

The Aurora Cube is a small but extremely powerful HPC

Aurora Cube leverages Eurotech supercomputing competence to bring power and flexibility to division, departments or small medium enterprise.
If your need is to
  • Reduce the run time of simulations
  • Reduce the time to solution for complex problems
  • Parallelize many runs
  • Run large problems over many cores But you don’t have the supercomputing budget in your pockets, the Aurora Cube can be a perfect entry level to the high performance world, able to propel your applications by a large amount.
The Aurora Cube:
  • Dramatically accelerates applications maintaining compatibility with the majority of applications with no need of porting
  • Does not need air conditioning or controlled environments
  • Avoids fans and noise thanks to hot liquid cooling
  • Saves on energy bills thanks to the world champion in energy efficiency
  • Replaces your workstations hosting up to 160 users in a box
  • Centralizes departmental IT resources
  • Reduces space occupancy with the most dense HPC system in the market.

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