Aurora HPC 10-10

CPU supercomputing for power and versatility

The Aurora HPC 10-10 excels in density, energy efficiency and reliability: it can propel 130 Tflop/s of pure CPU computational power at 110 Kw of peak consumption. That is 1 Petflop in 15 m2 or 160 sqft. Such densities are possible because of a hot cooling system (coolant at 50C +) that has improved compared to the previous AU 5600 supercomputer, becoming even more efficient in extracting heat from the system.
The HPC 10-10 inherits the efficient power conversion of the AU 5600 and allow data center PUEs as low as 1.05. This means great energy savings.
Eurotech has leveraged their long experience in developing embedded systems, to bring to HPC 10-10 a high degree of RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability). The 10-10 has no moving parts, no hot spots, no noise. It has 3 independent sensor networks, soldered memory and its nodes are very manageable 50x16 cm (19x6) blades, hot pluggable despite being liquid cooled. Also, there is limited cabling inside each rack, where the backplanes are handling most of the I/O communication.

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