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Eurotech’s strategy is to define and penetrate new and emerging markets through innovation and cutting-edge research to transform scalable mobile and wearable computer solutions. Eurotech offers a wide range of products for mobile applications in the Transportation, Industrial, Healthcare, Defense, Homeland Security and First Responder markets.
They include: Mobile Computers, Mobile TFT Displays, Mobile Routers, Mobile Networking, Video Processing Devices and People Passenger Counters.
Name - [N.files] Description Image
DynaVIS 10-00 [ 1 ] Connected, Rugged, Mobile Display Computer  image: DynaVIS 10-00
DynaCOR 10-00 [ 1 ] Connected Rugged Mobile Computer  image: DynaCOR 10-00
Helios Platform [ 1 ] Highly flexible, programmable edge controller  image: Helios Platform
DuraCOR DC 1200 [ 1 ] Rugged mobile on-board computer with GPS, Wifi and Wireless functionalities  image: DuraCOR DC 1200
DuraCOR DC 1400 [ 1 ] High integration rugged mobile onboard computer for fleet management and high-end audio/video processing  image: DuraCOR DC 1400
Stack 104 Family Stackable mobile computer family based on PC104 modules  image: Stack 104 Family
DuraCOR 810 [ 2 ] Rugged MIL-STD-810 COTS Processor Platform  image: DuraCOR 810
DuraCOR 80-40 Rugged Modular Core i7 Mission Computer with PCI Express Expansion and Dual GigE  image: DuraCOR 80-40
DuraCOR 820 [ 1 ] Small Form-Factor Tactical Mission Computer  image: DuraCOR 820
PROTEUS ICE [ 1 ] Compact enclosure based on Intel® Atom™ processor  image: PROTEUS ICE
DuraCOR 810-Duo [ 1 ] Dual-Core MIL rugged computing platform  image: DuraCOR 810-Duo
DuraCOR 820-A Small form-factor tactical mission computer with Intel® Atom™ processor, optional MIL-STD-1533  image: DuraCOR 820-A