Panel PCs

For MMI or HMI applications, Eurotech offers a range of pre-packaged solutions integrating both the display and embedded processor device into a single mechanical package, plus a wide range of rugged/compact wall and panel mount LCD TFT display monitors. Designs cover both stand alone VESA mount devices and through-panel applications, with support for a variety of operating systems. The Panel PCs are designed to provide a ruggedized, compact enclosure with great flexibility regarding speed processing needed for any industrial application.
Name - [N.files] Description
ICE-VIEW-100 Rugged industrial compact enclosure with touchscreen display and VESA compatible mounting system  image: ICE-VIEW-100
VH-50R Panel PC RISC with display TFT 5.7" touchscreen for building applications  image: VH-50R
VX-120F VX-150F Panel PC FANLESS with display TFT 12.1" or 15" touchscreen  image: VX-120F  VX-150F
VX-120P VX-150P VX-170P Panel PC Celeron M, Pentium M, Core Duo processors with TFT 12.1", 15", 17" touchscreen  image: VX-120P  VX-150P  VX-170P
VX-121P VX-151P VX-171P Panel Computer & Monitor  image: VX-121P  VX-151P  VX-171P
VX-50R Panel PC RISC with display TFT 5.7" touchscreen  image: VX-50R
VX-60F VX-80F Panel PC FANLESS with display TFT 6.5" or 8.4" touchscreen  image: VX-60F  VX-80F